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Relax & sleep sounds

Relax & sleep sounds

Category: Lifestyle | Version: 1.2
Developer: Svvorf | Size: 9.24MB | Updated:09-15
Kuulo provides more than 20 incredible ambience sounds for you to recreate nature sounds for relax or sleep. You can easily create an immersing atmosphere for productivity and perfect environment for studying.
Feel free to play around with background effects to develop unique compositions that suit your creative mind!
How can you create the ambience that will drive out distractions and enhance your concentration?
Scroll through the grid of sound effects and select as many of them as you want. Then tune their individual volumes. Sounds will play on even if you close the application.
There are several presets available if you don't want to bother setting anything up. Try tapping on "relax", "productivity" or "sleep" buttons and Kuulo will suggest you your ideal background composition.
Found your ideal environment? Bookmark you composition so you can return to it later. Moreover, Kuulo saves your recent settings.
24 spectacular sound effects
Shutdown timer
Presets for relax, sleep, productivity
Bookmarks and recent compositions
Sound effects currently available:
* Fireplace
* Birds in a forest
* Rain
* Cat purr
* Thunderstorm
* Cafeteria
* Ocean waves
* Night crickets
* Trickling water
* Rustling leaves
* Wind
* Harbour seagulls
* White, pink, brownian noises
* Fan
* Tinkling windchimes
* Farm yard
* Old clock
* Rattling train
* Rain falling on an umbrella
* Gamelan delight
* Space meditation
* Binaural beats

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Relax & sleep soundsRelax & sleep soundsRelax & sleep soundsRelax & sleep soundsRelax & sleep soundsRelax & sleep sounds

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