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Category: Lifestyle | Version: 1.0.13
Developer: Jared Haren | Size: 4.06MB | Updated:12-25
ThermoStats is a better app for viewing your Nest thermostat information. The home screen widget will make it easy to see your Nest thermostat temperatures at a glance. With rich graphs, you will be able to see precisely the historical data for when your AC or heater kicked on, how long it ran for, and what the temperature inside was compared to outside.
Key Features
- View up to one week of historical thermostat data, graphed alongside the outdoor temperature at your home
- Adjust the temperature instantly
- View the current weather at your home
- Purchase the widget to place the Nest thermostat directly on your homescreen and watch it update in real time
- Support for multiple thermostats (can have one widget for each!)
- Nest leaf support
- Nest Rush Hour event support
- Change HVAC Modes
- Support for the new "Eco" mode
- One tap shortcut to weather forecast via Google Now
- One tap shortcut to the official Nest app

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