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Relaxing sounds of rain

Relaxing sounds of rain

Category: Lifestyle | Version: 4.0
Developer: Federico Paolinelli | Size: 42.91MB | Updated:04-22
Do you find the need to relax after a tough day of work? Hearing the white noise produced by a gentle drizzle will help you to be isolated from the outer world.
A study revealed that people hearing the sound of the rain falling on the floor have a more restful sleep.
Decompress yourself hearing the sound of a downpour.
Whether you just want to meditate, or you just want to close your eyes and relax, this app will help you.
Eight different rain sounds recorded in eight different situations, from hailstorm to thunderstorm will let you find your inner peace.
Put your headphones on, turn the app on, and you'll feel in the middle of a forest while it's raining.
Hearing the sound of rain has many beneficial effects: it helps babies to soothe and sleep and it helps against insomnia. Moreover, listening to natural relaxing sounds, such as the sound of the rain in a forest can relief people affected by tinnitus.
Eight high quality rain sounds to help your meditation:
rain in a car
rain in a car with thunders
rain in a forest
gentle rain

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Relaxing sounds of rainRelaxing sounds of rain

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