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AlarmMon ( alarm clock )

AlarmMon ( alarm clock )

Category: Lifestyle | Version: 5.7.7
Developer: Malang Studio Co, Ltd. | Size: 15.96MB | Updated:01-8
"Are you tired of same old, routine life? Let us start your morning fun and full of energy!
AlarmMon=enjoyable! Not one of those boring alarm, but an alarm with mini-games!
AlarmMon=merciless! We'll wake you, your family, and even your neighbor with loud but fun sounds!
AlarmMon=adorable! By looking at cute characters and receiving the current weather, the best day is to come!
17 million downloads world-wide,
Are you still waking up with a default alarm? Follow the trend and greet your morning with us :)
Major function
1. Various characters
Became used to our alarm? Liar! Din, a cat who's ever so chic, Pico, a chicken who wants to fly, Cheese, a hamster who wants to be a lion, Bready, a bread who looks good with a hat, and other famous characters will wake you up with pleasant sounds and fun games. We also have various event alarms that give gifts!
2. Loud sounds + fun interaction
With loud sounds that can wake the entire neighborhood and fun games, you have to, actually, you WANT to wake up!
3. Morning partner who tells you your pattern and the weather!
By providing alarm histories of previous days, our users can check and even improve their morning patterns! Also, by providing the weather information, our users can think of what to wear while they shower!
4.Quick alarm
AlarmMon will be with you throughout the day, not only in the morning. Together with our quick alarm, you won't forget stuff! (ex. Set a quick alarm so you don't forget to take medicine 30 minutes after the meal!)
5. Memo per alarm
By picking different colors and writing notes, you can use AlarmMon not only as a morning savior, but also as a reminder!
We strive to provide the best service possible. Let us serve you with the best alarm service :D
Developer : Malang studio(
Support: [email protected]
※ If you have any questions regarding AlarmMon, please send us an email to [email protected] and we'll respond as quickly as possible.

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AlarmMon ( alarm clock )AlarmMon ( alarm clock )AlarmMon ( alarm clock )AlarmMon ( alarm clock )

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