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Shopping List

Shopping List

Category: Lifestyle | Version: 2.0
Developer: Valeriy Kogan | Size: 2.5MB | Updated:02-25
"Shopping List" - a quick and easy application for creation shopping lists. You don't need pen and paper anymore. With this application:
- you won't forget anything to buy;
- you will avoid unplanned purchases;
- you will save your money and time.
1. You can strike out or delete from the list items that you have already put into shopping cart.
2. AutoFit on the first letter of the product will simplify the listing
3. Ability to send list via e-mail, sms, social networking ...
4. Ability to fill the price of goods - so you can plan a budget.
5. There is no wasted features in the application, so everyone can use it even children.
6. Application automatically chooses language (English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian)
Install this free app right now and enjoy your shopping!

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Shopping ListShopping ListShopping ListShopping List

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