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AmpX Music Player [Beta]

AmpX Music Player [Beta]

Category: Music & Video | Version: 0.0.7beta
Developer: Xedus | Size: 9.27MB | Updated:08-16
** UI Features
- Folder Album Art support
- Colored Album and Home Grids
- Sorted song library
- Swipe to change audio track
- Folder view
- Material Design
- Theme support (Light and Dark Variants)
- Lockscreen Controls
- Instantly shows new files on adding.
** Sound Features
- Plays almost all audio formats (mp3,mp4,flac,wav,ogg etc)
- Dual audio engine to provide more compatibility
- 10 Band audio equalizer
- Basic audio effects like (Bass/Treble booster,Reverb)
- Advanced audio effects (Vocals booster,Flanger,Tempo,Master Gain,Compressor)
** Other Features
- Playlist Support
- Scrobbler
- Lyrics support through musixmatch plugin
- 3rd party equalizer and audio mod support
- Sleep timer
- Party shuffle
- Tag editor
- Automatic pause on headset remove
Common Questions/Answers
Q) What is the difference between the 2 audio engines ?
A) The 'AmpX Engine' plays most audio formats and offers more customizations but is not
compatible with other sound mods like Viper or other 3rd party equalizer while the
'System Default' plays less formats but offers more compatibility.
Q) My album art is not correct ?
A) Audios with same album will show a similar album art no matter if their album art is different. OR If you have edited your album art it might have been cached try clearing the app cache. System Settings->Apps->AmpX->Clear Cache
Q) The song is playing in random order?
A) Try disabling the shuffle option.
To learn more about the player, please feel free to download and have a try or you can contact us
at [email protected]

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AmpX Music Player [Beta]AmpX Music Player [Beta]AmpX Music Player [Beta]AmpX Music Player [Beta]AmpX Music Player [Beta]AmpX Music Player [Beta]AmpX Music Player [Beta]

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