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Pitched Tuner

Category: Music & Video | Version: 1.7.1
Developer: Stonekick | Size: 4.75MB | Updated:11-2
Pitched Tuner has been designed by musicians for both beginners and professionals. It helps you to quickly and easily tune your instrument using the microphone on your Android device.
It works well for a wide range of instruments: strings, woodwind, brass, guitars, voice, and more. Even very low bass strings can be tuned.
Simple controls and clear visuals make the app great for beginners. Responsive and precise algorithms provide professional level accuracy for more advanced players.
Hands free tuning means you can tune all of your strings without ever having to touch the screen - you don't want to have to reach for your guitar tuner in between tuning each string, and now you don't have to.
Pitched Tuner displays a traditional tuner needle and dial. It clearly shows the frequency being played as well as the nearest note and error in cents. The dial then allows you to easily track small changes in pitch. A separate volume indicator tells you how clearly the microphone is picking up your instrument sound.
The app can also sound a reference note which you can use to tune your instrument by ear (which is always a good skill to practice), or as a target note when you are re-stringing your guitar/violin/etc. You can choose from a pure sine sound, which is precise but quiet, or a simulated piano, guitar or clarinet.
You can very the reference tuning pitch away from the common 440Hz. You can also configure the app to adjust for non-concert pitch instruments, for example the B-flat trumpet.
There's a choice of light or dark themes and you can adjust the volume sensitivity of the app for quieter instruments and noisy environments.
We hope you find Pitched Tuner useful. You can always contact us at [email protected]

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Pitched TunerPitched TunerPitched TunerPitched TunerPitched Tuner

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