Category: Music & Video | Version: 1.0
Developer: antsu | Size: 2.49MB | Updated:12-19
Skipify is a blacklist for songs you do not want to listen to on Spotify.
It works by checking what song is currently playing and then, if blacklisted, it simulates pressing the "skip" button, advancing to the next song.
Keep in mind that Skipify is not able to prevent Spotify from downloading the songs you've blocked or doing anything else except skipping.
Also, note that if you're using a non-premium Spotify account, you have a limited number of skips, and Skipify can't do anything about that.
In order for Skipify to work, first you need to tell Spotify to allow other apps to "see" what is currently playing. To do so, follow these steps:
* Open Spotify.
* Go to Your Library.
* Open Settings (the cog icon on the top-right).
* Enable the option Device Broadcast Status.
* Done!
*Internet access permission is only required for displaying ads. The application itself does not require an Internet connection.
Spotify is a trademark of the Spotify Group.

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