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Ticka - Metronome

Ticka - Metronome

Category: Music & Video | Version: 1.6
Developer: YOU-S Labs | Size: 26.97MB | Updated:04-10
Adding sample tone choices and useful notes setting to an user friendly metronome, so you can actually enjoy the fun of rhythms.
1. Accurate tempo playing and displays.
2. Tap Tempo.
3. Various choices of tone library : drums, slap bass, analog synth, english...etc
4. Adjusting tone and volume of every note with great flexibility.
5. Three types of swing, customize your swing groove.
6. Storable personal rhythm presets.
7. Play with the screen off.
Special thanks:
Haha Tsai (Bassist/ WaHaHa music studio, Driftwood)
Ming-Hsiu Chen (Drummer/ B.B.Bomb, Easy Shen)
Airy (Vocal/ Airy)
Che-Tien Hsu (Guitarist)
Albert Huang (Guitarist/ Sus2 Guitar Studio, YOU-S)
Eason Chiu (Guitarist/ Jock Rock studio)

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Ticka - MetronomeTicka - MetronomeTicka - MetronomeTicka - MetronomeTicka - Metronome

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