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Category: Music & Video | Version: 1.0
Developer: bérenger recoules | Size: 2.2MB | Updated:05-5
PPP-Manoury is meant to be used with other PPP instruments.
PPP-Manoury is a polyphonic 4 step sequencer ! 4 step is not much, but each step has a probability factor. The synth is a classic additive synth chained to a resonant filter and a 4 tape delay. With the right set of parameters you can go from 80s classics to deep generative textures.
PPP is a framework offering to support midi jamming over wifi features to audio applications and instruments. That means that apps can be connected to each other over wifi with a slave/master paradigm, enabling each sequencer to be in synch with each others. It can of course be used as a standalone sequencer. More here :

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