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Category: Music & Video | Version: 0.5
Developer: Blisbury LLP | Size: 3.87MB | Updated:08-5
Free unlimited music – top charts, all popular genres and artists. Enjoy rich opportunities of listening to fresh hits right from your pocket.
Not sure what kind of music you want to listen to? With HitsBlender radio player you will discover a new sound of songs that you've heard before and get surprised by a lot of great mixes and cover versions from mp3 subscriptions.
HitsBlender will smartly navigate you through thousands of online radio stations and let you download music you like for free. Tiny and easy to use app gets you an access to rich mp3 music library based on top charts, popular genres and artists. Just add any music you want from catalogue to player and start listening to an endless mix of songs. To keep songs in the app storage, you've just got to add them into Favorites.
Our music catalogue contains all popular genres, artists and national top charts. Just select a country or a genre of music you like and get a free unlimited access to all songs related to your search.
HitsBlender radio player is the leading app to listen to your favorite songs and artists of the most popular genres. It’s easy to use, smart in navigation through a great variety of songs and artists, mixes and cover versions and, best of all, it’s free.
Plus, HitsBlender lets you generate music playlists of your own choice, based on top charts, popular genres and artists, to make you feel like a real DJ everywhere you are.
Our smart and powerful player is specifically designed to get straight and fast to what you want to listen to or download. We have optimized online streaming to help you quickly find mp3 music and use top music charts to listen to the most popular songs, both old and new ones.
Enjoy the best and easiest way to create your own blend of hits on a phone or tablet.
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