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r for Reddit

Category: News & Magazines | Version: 0.8
Developer: El Manahil Studio | Size: 9.54MB | Updated:04-22
Reddit is an entertainment, social news networking service, and news app where community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links.
Redditors can then vote submissions up or down to organize the posts and determine their position on the App's listing. The submissions with the most positive votes appear on the main page or the top of a category.
Content entries are organized by areas of interest called "subreddits". The subreddit topics include news, gaming, movies, music, books, fitness, food, and photosharing, among many others.
The name "Reddit" is a play-on-words with the phrase "read it", i.e., "I read it on Reddit." The site's content is divided into numerous categories, and 50 such categories, or "default subreddits", are visible on the front page to new users and those who browse the site without logging in to an account.
When items (links or text posts) are submitted to a subreddit, redditors can vote for or against them (upvote/downvote). Each subreddit has a front page that shows newer submissions that have been rated highly.
Redditors can also post comments about the submission, and respond back and forth in a conversation-tree of comments; the comments themselves can also be upvoted and downvoted. The front page of the site itself shows a combination of the highest-rated posts out of all the subreddits a user is subscribed to.

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