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Podcast O2

Podcast O2

Category: News & Magazines | Version: 1.13.5
Developer: AppO2 | Size: 5.21MB | Updated:03-18
Podcast O2 is a simple yet powerful podcast manager for android.
* Cloud refresh: our servers will push updates to your phone and thus save traffic and power. (login required)
* Cloud backup subscriptions (login required)
* Google plus account integration
* Built in variable speed playback: you can set different playback speed for each podcast (Android 4.1+ required)
* Import supported media files (such as audio books) as virtual podcast
* Import itunes subscriptions from OPML file
* Supports streaming and offline playback
* Customizable headset media button actions
* Customizable rewind/fast forward/beginning skip time: global or for each podcast
* Customizable notification buttons
* Automatic download
* iTunes based search
* Sleep Timer
* Auto cleanup
* WiFi filter
* Chromecast support
* Support play video in background
Help translating Podcast O2 to your language:
Join to our Tester community
Application available Language:
Russian (Thanks to Alexander Davydov)
French (Thanks to webster353, mfcourrier, Vincent Brunie)
Dutch (Thanks to derinus)
Portuguese (Thanks to João P. M. Oliveira, Bruno Coelho)
* Your Accounts
This permission lets Podcast O2 provide the option to log in or sign up with Google.

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Podcast O2Podcast O2Podcast O2Podcast O2Podcast O2Podcast O2Podcast O2

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