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Wallpapers Free 5K+ images

Category: Personalization | Version:
Developer: Tim Koers | Size: 9.83MB | Updated:07-21
Wallpapers connects with Unsplash.com to deliver the best image quality possible. For free!
With an average resolution of 5226x3648 (5K), the images you can set as your background will have more detail than you can think of, but no more than needed.
Wallpapers uses an advanced algorithm to calculate the best size for your wallpaper, you can even choose if you want the sliding effect as well.
The design of the app is simple and minimalistic. It was designed to comply with the Material Design guidelines provided by Google. Therefore, the tablet layout got some attention as well and looks beautiful and clean.
You can pick a red or a blue theme too personalize the look and feeling of the app a little.
With Wallpapers you can:
✔ View colorful wallpapers for free!
✔ Log-in with your Unsplash.com (or Facebook) account.
✔ You are allowed to use the photo's however you would Luke. (commercially usage is allowed, you can even sell them, credits to the original picture are always appreciated).
✔ Manage your Unsplash.com account.
✔ View curated batches, curated by the authors of the website or by famous users.
✔ Pick one of the many (but I mean many) backgrounds and set it as your home-screen wallpaper.
✔ Crop and cut the image.
✔ Backgrounds for your tablet and phone.
✔ Stay up-to-date with all the images at Unsplash.com.
✔ See all the image information such as camera and capture settings.
✔ Immediately share the image itself with your social media and various applications.
✔ Share the link to the image.
✔ Save the photo in tot your gallery.
✔ Search for images by keywords.
✔ View photos in various categories.
Categories in Wallpapers:
- Buildings
- Food & Drink
- Nature
- Objects
- People
- Technology
All the images provided in this app are peaceful and show no mature content.
Privacy note:
I do not like to not know what is happening with my personal information, such as email addresses. Therefore I am explicitly mentioning that I WILL NEVER sell any privacy sensitive information to anyone, even better, I am not collecting them, so I can not sell what I do not have.
Wallpapers uses Unsplash.com for the wallpapers.
This is an unofficial client that is not endorsed by Unsplash.com

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Wallpapers Free 5K+ imagesWallpapers Free 5K+ imagesWallpapers Free 5K+ imagesWallpapers Free 5K+ imagesWallpapers Free 5K+ imagesWallpapers Free 5K+ imagesWallpapers Free 5K+ imagesWallpapers Free 5K+ images

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