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APUS Launcher-Small,Fast,Boost

APUS Launcher-Small,Fast,Boost

Category: Personalization | Version: 1.6.12
Developer: Apus Group | Size: 2.13MB | Updated:01-6
5-stars rated over 1 million, and installed on over 70 million devices in over 235 countries,APUS is the smallest, fastest, and simplest user system on the market. More than just a launcher that puts your favorite apps at your fingertips, APUS boosts speed and battery life of your phone, while making the using experience as seamless and smooth as iOS.
Recent Update:
● New Year Show-off: The party is on, come and join!
● APUS Discovery: Discover new apps for you everyday;
● Brand NEW APUS Radar: Like a real radar, discover popular apps nearby. More fun is waiting for you;
● Mobile Search: Searching everything right on your home screen, simple and fast;
The APUS user system comes complete with its own set of APUS features that include:
► Automatic Classification for Apps - Simply put your Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga into Game folder, your Instagram and Snapchat into Social folder.
► Prior Apps - Simply put Facebook, Twitter and other apps you may use mostly on your first screen, just 1-Tap away.
► Enhanced App Market: Introduces a new layout for accessing the App Market to browse, discover, and download apps.
► APUS Notification -You will never miss important messages from your friends and family, by small badges on home screen icons, available for Call, SMS ,Whatsapp and Gmail.
► APUS Boost - Speed up your games and apps, clean-up memory (RAM) and boost your device. APUS Boost works directly from your home screen within a small icon.
► Notification Toolbar - Provide instant switch such as Flashlight, mobile data and Wi-Fi. Make your phone running faster.
► APUS Wallpaper - Full of HD wallpapers that can be used for both home and lock screens;
► Techcrunch: Saving as much as 80% of a device's memory when it runs - thanks to its size, it takes up less than 2MB of memory, [APUS gives] more juice and that's always appreciated, particularly by those with lower-end phones.
► Business Insider: [APUS Launcher is a] beautiful launcher that organizes your apps into various folders, such as Communication, News & Books, and Media, among other categories. It's light and slick, and adds a bit of personality to your Android phone.
► CNET: Apus is dedicated to building the smallest, fastest, simplest user system for Android it can.
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About APUS Group:
Founded in June 2014, APUS Group's mission is to provide the best mobile experience to the world's 3 billion Android smartphone users. By developing applications that optimizes the Android operating system to make it easier to use, more convenient, and faster, APUS Group is dedicated to reimaging the UI and UX for the world's fastest growing mobile operating system.
So far as a small startup, APUS Launcher has ranked No.1 in 30 countries and ranked top 5 in over 50 countries under Personalization Category in Google Play.

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APUS Launcher-Small,Fast,BoostAPUS Launcher-Small,Fast,BoostAPUS Launcher-Small,Fast,BoostAPUS Launcher-Small,Fast,Boost

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