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FreshCoat Wallpaper Creator

FreshCoat Wallpaper Creator

Category: Personalization | Version: 2.5
Developer: Kirch Development | Size: 18.22MB | Updated:03-27
Give your phone or tablet a FreshCoat of pixels with a custom wallpaper! Set you background as a solid color or choose from a list of effects to add to your color. See any colors around you that you love? Use FreshCoat to set colors from the real world as your devices background! Choose a custom base image from you gallery and build effects on top the images. There are endless possibilities to create a wallpaper fit for you!
Create your own color using either a RGB color code, a HEX color code, or by choosing from a color chooser dialog.
Choose from a list of effects to add on top of your colors! (Email me with requests to be included in future updates)
Use your camera to capture any color you see around you! Center the desired color in your camera, and shoot! For best results, use solid colored objects and good lighting. The color will only be as accurate as the quality of your photo.
Choose an image from your gallery and transform it into a custom wallpaper with effects, blur, filters, and 8-Bit Retro!
Once you have completed your creation, simply hit the checkmark in the top right to set the image as your background, or hit the save button to save you image to your SD card for future use or to share with your friends.
Choose from a library of included colors! Categories include Google colors, popular social media colors, popular company colors, Motorla's MotoMaker colors, and NFL, MLB, or NBA teams.
PLEASE NOTICE THE SLIDING MENU ACTIVATED BY SWIPING THE APP TO THE RIGHT! This menu is similar to the menus used in Google applications like the Play Store or Google Play Music.
If you would like to unlock more effects and remove ads, search "FreshCoat Premium Key" in the Play Store!
Note: Every device displays colors slightly different. For example, Samsung devices (Galaxy S4, Note 3, etc.) tend to have more saturation and Nexus devices tend to display colors more naturally. This may cause variances in the predefined colors (in the "Library" tab). If you would like to change the way your Samsung device displays colors you can do so in: Settings --> Display --> Screen Mode.
Credits for some of the effects, fonts, and Java Algorithms:
jvmediadesign (Brusheezy)
bote jeghe (Brusheezy)
Tijo (Brusheezy)
kifung (Brusheezy)
thebrandyman13 (Brusheezy)
Kimberly Geswein (dafont)
Stack Blur Algorithm by Mario Klingemann
Snufver (Brusheezy)
Herbert Von Karajan (Bokeh Effect)

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FreshCoat Wallpaper CreatorFreshCoat Wallpaper CreatorFreshCoat Wallpaper Creator

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