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Pixel wallpaper

Pixel wallpaper

Category: Personalization | Version: wallpaper_20160809_RC01
Developer: Google inc. | Size: 2.25MB | Updated:09-15
In the past day notorious HTC leaker @LlabTooFeR has leaked the latest version of Google's "Pixel launcher" - the home screen app that'll be preloaded on the two upcoming HTC-built Pixel phones (neé Nexus). Obviously it's important that this is branded as the Pixel launcher - removing any doubt that that's what this year's Google phones will be called. Also big: No more Google search bar, instead a Google "tab" icon you can drag out to get to Google Now. And the app drawer has changed significantly, almost moving back to the Android 2.x days where the drawer was a literal drawer that you'd pull up to see your apps.
All of that is important a neat, but what's way cooler is what Google's now doing with wallpapers.
Google's new wallpaper picker exists as a separate APK, meaning it can be installed without loading the Pixel launcher, and used with any Android home screen. As well as standard options like your own photos and built-in wallpapers, the app gives you a vast selection of wallpapers from different categories of artwork:
Earth: Satellite-style imagery, as we've seen from the past couple of Nexus releases
Landscapes: Beautiful scenery like the sort you might find preloaded on a Chromebook
Cityscape: Urban photography, including a few impressive macro shots with beautiful bokeh effects.
Life: A collection of photos featuring abstract, floral and everyday objects.
Textures: Repeating patterns, sometimes abstract, sometimes from the real world.

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Pixel wallpaperPixel wallpaperPixel wallpaperPixel wallpaperPixel wallpaperPixel wallpaper

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