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Button Mapper (BETA)

Button Mapper (BETA)

Category: Personalization | Version: 0.18
Developer: flar2 | Size: 2.54MB | Updated:10-24
This app is currently in BETA testing. To provide feedback or report issues, please go to xda forums:
Personalize the buttons on your phone or tablet by assigning custom actions to button presses, double clicks and long presses.
Button Mapper works with physical or capacitive keys and buttons, such as volume buttons, the home button on Samsung Galaxy devices, the camera button on Sony devices, and the capacitive home, back and recent apps keys found on some devices by ASUS, HTC, OnePlus and other manufacturers. It does NOT work with onscreen home, back and recents buttons (i.e. the navigation bar). It does NOT work with the power button. Best of all, Button Mapper does NOT require root.
Quickly and easily access the most common functions on your phone.
A few examples of things you can do with Button Mapper:
-long press volume down to toggle your flashlight
-double tap your home button to launch your favorite app
-long press your home button to turn off the screen
-long press volume up to instantly call or message your best friend
-double click the back button to see your notifications
-swap your back and recent apps keys
-use your volume buttons to adjust screen brightness
-long press home to toggle "do not disturb" mode
-press and hold the home button to quickly check your lockscreen messages, release to turn off the screen instantly
-and plenty more, the possibilities are endless
The free version allows customization of the Home button and volume buttons.
Additional features unlocked in the pro version:
-support for back button, recent apps button and camera button
-Lockscreen peek
-Homescreen lock
-Four themes
-customization of haptic feedback (vibration) on button press and long press
Actions that can be assigned to buttons:
-launch any app or shortcut
-Disable the button
-Device default action
-Recent apps
-Last app
-Turn screen off
-Toggle flashlight
-Quick settings
-Show notifications
-Power dialog
-Take screenshot
-Music: previous track, next track and play/pause
-Adjust volume
-Toggle do not disturb
-Adjust brightness
Buttons supported:
-Back (PRO version only)
-Recent apps (PRO version only)
-Volume up
-Volume down
-Camera button (PRO version only)
Special features:
-Lockscreen peek (PRO version only)
-Homescreen lock (PRO version only)
-Swap back and recent apps buttons
-Adjust button light duration on Samsung Galaxy devices (Lollipop and older)
-Adjust button vibration on Samsung Galaxy devices (PRO version only, Lollipop and older)
Additional options:
-fine tune button behavior with options to bypass Button Mapper when camera, phone or system UI is showing
-change the long press or double tap duration

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Button Mapper (BETA)Button Mapper (BETA)Button Mapper (BETA)Button Mapper (BETA)Button Mapper (BETA)Button Mapper (BETA)Button Mapper (BETA)Button Mapper (BETA)

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