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Quick Locker

Quick Locker

Category: Personalization | Version: 1.0.161004
Developer: AirSig Technology | Size: 1.51MB | Updated:11-13
● Features
-AirSig brings you a brand new screen locker experience with unique Air Signature gesture recognition technology. Make your phone know your private signature gesture(can be an alphabet, a number, a word, a pattern, etc.) and your phone will be secured by the gesture recogition screen lock app from now on.
-Write in the air to unlock your phone screen and execute selected functions at the same time. It's hard to be hacked even others see how you write. Absolutely convenient and Safe!
-three function shortcuts can be set to:
∙Unlock the phone screen and access the home screen
∙Execute your favorite Apps
∙Make a quick phone call
-Other features:
.Wallpapers selection;
.Swiping to open camera without unlocking screen;
.Show date and time.
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● Attention
Please disable your default screen locker to prevent from unlocking twice
A smartphone equipped with gyroscope and linear accelerometer is required
● Support
Email: [email protected]
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Quick LockerQuick LockerQuick LockerQuick LockerQuick Locker

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