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Unhappy Wallpapers

Unhappy Wallpapers

Category: Personalization | Version: 1.0
Developer: Leafgreen | Size: 4.63MB | Updated:02-8
Unhappy wallpapers will reflect your true mood, no matter how dark it may be!
Why pretend that everything is cheerful and full of roses when inside you just want to scream and cry? If you're feeling sad, lonely and depressed, the last thing you want is some bubbly, colorful wallpaper mocking you every time you look at your phone! With these cynical and somber wallpapers, your background will finally match your mood.
Some people are naturally happy, while others are weighed down by the pain and sorrow of the world. If you are one of the people more in touch with the dark side of your emotions, you'll definitely relate to these honest sayings. Void of colors, like your heart is void of feelings, these black and white wallpapers feature painfully realistic sayings that reflect your true thoughts. Use these wallpapers to express yourself even when you feel like you can’t express yourself in any other way. Perhaps a stranger next to you will notice your background and understand your pain...
Break the silence on your hopelessness and depression by speaking up in a small way by using background that reflects your inner misery and despair. No one can stop your tears and pain, but at least these wallpapers won’t try to cover up what’s truly in your heart!

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Unhappy WallpapersUnhappy Wallpapers

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