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Custom Beam LWP

Custom Beam LWP

Category: Personalization | Version: 1.56
Developer: Chickenbellyfinn | Size: 0.74MB | Updated:04-16
Custom Beam is a Phase Beam/Sunbeam clone that lets you customize colors and animation angle, and many, many other settings. You can even make it useful by enabling the battery indicator feature, which changed the colors depending on your remaining battery life! Its Phase beam like never before! See features section below for a complete list!
Some settings in Custom Beam require the premium upgrade, which can be accessed in the settings menu.
Custom Beam is a live wallpaper, and can be set through your device's live wallpaper menu. This may be different on some devices, so please make sure to check your manual/online!
- phase/sun beam presets
- randomize colors
- select 2 background and one foreground color
- change animation angle & speed
- change background angle
- Battery Indicator *
- toggle bars & circles *
- change number of shapes *
- beam opacity
- profiles

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Custom Beam LWPCustom Beam LWPCustom Beam LWPCustom Beam LWPCustom Beam LWPCustom Beam LWP

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