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Energy Tank Battery Widget

Energy Tank Battery Widget

Category: Personalization | Version: 1.4
Developer: BishamonTEN 毘沙門店 | Size: 0.92MB | Updated:05-11
Energy Tank is free battery widget that is themed to look like classic video game health / energy bars. Themes are based on classic NES or SNES video games.
Currently available themes include:
- Metroid (8-bit)
- Super Metroid (16-bit)
- Mega Man (8-bit)
- Mega Man X (16-bit)
- Zelda (8-bit)
- Zelda (16-bit)
- and many more!
Note: If the widget does not show up, first try launching the "Energy Tank" icon from the "Apps" tab of the App Launcher. Then look for it in "Widgets".
How to use Energy Tank:
- Long-press on the home screen and select "Widget" then select the "Energy Tank" widget.
- On some versions of Android look for the "Widget" tab in the App Launcher.
- Find the "Energy Tank" widget and long-press to drag it to your home screen.
- The preferences will open up when you add a new widget. Select the theme you want here and press the back button to apply the changes.
- You can add multiple widgets and each can have its own preferences at the same time.
Accessing Preferences of Existing Widgets:
- Short-press on a widget to view / modify it's preferences.
Resizing the Widget:
- Resizing of the widget works on Android 4.x and may not work in older versions of Android. That is a shortcoming of the Android API.
- Long-press on the widget to adjust the widget size.
- If you are running Android 4.0.4 or earlier short-press to access preferences and adjust the "Render Size" to the optimal appearance on your particular device.
Please rate my app and give me feedback. Tell me what additional themes and features would you like to see in future versions.
Energy Tank is a freely available fan-developed app. Metroid, Mega Man and Zelda are registered trademarks of Nintendo and Capcom. Energy Tank is not affiliated with any of these companies.

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Energy Tank Battery WidgetEnergy Tank Battery WidgetEnergy Tank Battery WidgetEnergy Tank Battery WidgetEnergy Tank Battery WidgetEnergy Tank Battery Widget

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