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Shifu: To Do & Task Manager

Category: Personalization | Version: 0.7.1
Developer: The Signals | Size: 9.65MB | Updated:01-8
★ One of the Best To Do App on Android : Life Hacker★
★ Featured by Google on Play Store★
★ Great example of Context Driven Application: Robert Scoble★
Shifu is a smart TODO & TASK MANAGEMENT application that learns from your Phone's usage pattern, identify what needs your attention and shows them to you at the right time. Shifu tracks your context; it estimates your free time and suggests a relevant task.
Key features:
* Free Time Based: Create tasks based on the free time you need to do them. 

* Calendar Based: Add reminders on a particular date and time.
* Phone Call Based Alerts: You can set up alerts, which show up when you are calling someone.
* Location Based / Geo Fencing Alert: Create tasks that will show up only when you are around a certain location. 

* Wi-Fi Based Alert: You can create tasks linked to a particular Wifi network. 

* Recurring Alerts: Now you can set up your Shifu reminders to repeat. You can define the duration of recurrence. 

* Call Forecast: Shifu predicts which of your contacts you want to call next and brings it to you for instant access. No Need to search through your phonebook to reach the right number.
* Call Reminder: Shifu scans your call log, filters out important phone calls from it and reminds you to return those when you are free.
* Smart Battery Alerts: Shifu analyzes your battery usage pattern and reminds you to charge your phone well ahead of time. It predicts how much battery you are going to use in next few hours and if the consumption were high it would remind you to charge so that you can be prepared.
* Birthday Reminder: Shifu reminds you to call your Facebook & Google + friends on their birthdays and does it when you are free to make that call.
* Automated Cloud Sync: All you reminders are seamlessly synced across all your devices.
How is Shifu different?
The traditional to-do list requires you to define tasks like this:
* Call Sarah to wish her happy birthday at 2:30 PM. 

* Call John at 12:30 PM tomorrow to ask for the money he owes me.
* Buy a gift for Mom on 24th August.
* Remind me to upload pictures from my weekend Party on Facebook.
With Shifu you can do much more. It allows you to create your task in a way that mirrors your real life. So you can define the tasks above as:
* Call Sarah to wish her happy birthday whenever I have 10 minutes free.
* Remind me to ask for money whenever I talk to John next.
* Remind me to buy a gift for mom when I am at the shopping mall.
* Upload photos from my weekend Party on Facebook when I am connect to Wifi.
And of course some things need to be done at a fixed date and time, like your wedding anniversary.
Application Permissions needed by Shifu:
In order to function Shifu needs to have permission to access some of the information on your phone. Permissions needed are listed below.
*Phone calls: Read phone status and identity, reroute outgoing calls.
*READ PHONE STATE: Read phone call status.
*Get Line1 number: Get user's contact number. We need to create a unique identification for each user.
You can find details of all of the permission need by Shifu at http://permission.getshifu.com/
Give Shifu a try and tell us how it has helped you. We are eager to listen your experience.
Stay in touch:
You can follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/getshifu
Customer Support: Have any questions or feedback? Please get in touch with us at [email protected]

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Shifu: To Do & Task ManagerShifu: To Do & Task ManagerShifu: To Do & Task ManagerShifu: To Do & Task Manager

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