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Meteora Icon Pack

Meteora Icon Pack

Category: Personalization | Version: 1.2
Developer: GFX Bandits | Size: 10.91MB | Updated:05-28
Long shadows have been invading icon packs. They are everywhere you look and some people are ready to get rid of them. Instead of throwing out the overused element, we have decided to do something different with it. Something unique.
Introducing Meteora.
Meteora is designed with the glyph off center. It is positioned towards the bottom right corner of a circular base. Trailing the glyph is a long shadow up and to the right. The resulting icons resemble a Meteor falling through the sky. Complementing the unique design, the icons have been carefully crafted with pastel colors in a 192x192px resolution. Bold new design paired with soft pastel colors. Designed to create the best looking icons available to the public.
* Dashboard App
* 938 Icons
* Cloud HD Wallpapers
* Much more ..
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Meteora Icon PackMeteora Icon PackMeteora Icon PackMeteora Icon Pack

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