Category: Personalization | Version: 2.7
Developer: Alphawolf | Size: 4.12MB | Updated:06-1
Please update to version 2.7 as versions 2.6 and below will not work because of changes at alpha.wallhaven.cc
Wallmax let's you search through thousands of wallpapers and download them on click of a button!
Source for wallpapers - alpha.wallhaven.cc (successor to wallbase.cc) is a site created by and for people who like wallpapers, as well as a place where anime fans can be treated mostly like normal human beings. The original idea was to make an alternative to wallbase.cc that could become a site in its own right (as stated on alpha.wallhaven.cc/about).
-- Features --
* Auto Awesome - Now change wallpapers automaticaly (random wallpaper from specific category repeated
after specified duration)
* Sort by type - Relevance, Random, Date Added, Views and Favorites
* Sort by resolution - 1024x786 to 3840x2160 (Ultra HD aka 4k)
* Search wallpapers by tags.
* Downloads section to view downloaded wallpapers (options to set as etc in next update!)
* Browse through random wallpapers (swipe to refresh random wallpapers).
* Settings for purity (safe for work and sketchy) and categories (general, anime and people).
* Full wallpapers details (dimentions, size, uploader, upload time, views and favorites count).
* Wallpaper tags in details section.
* Set wallpaper on one button click.
* Save wallpapers on one button click inside details section.
* Zoom wallpapers (double tap and pinch zoom after full screen).
This application is in BETA. Reviews and feedback will be of great help. Enjoy!

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