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Steampunk Droid Fear Lab LWP

Steampunk Droid Fear Lab LWP

Category: Personalization | Version: 1.0.2
Developer: Adam Ratana | Size: 15.1MB | Updated:08-8
Live Wallpaper featuring a Steampunk Droid Fear Foundry scene - a droid lab technician hosts bubbling tanks filled with horrors and curiosities. Many details to discover and enjoy. With 7 color themes, rotating gears, clockwork, parallax scrolling and interactive touch effects. The gears spin and track your finger movements. The droid has random quirks and expressions and reacts to touch.
This full version also features a configurable vintage film effect with frame flickers, dust and scratches! For fans of steampunk, science fiction, horror, technology, the victorian era, droids, clockwork, and our other steampunk skull and droid wallpapers.
- 7 Color Themes: Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Bronze, Monochrome
- Control the gear speeds, background scrolling, display elements among many other customization options
- Optional Gestures: double tap to cycle backgrounds
- CPU/Battery saving setting
- Configure many animation settings and the optional film effect
- Uses high-res textures for the next generation of tablet and phone displays
- Works great with the other steampunk launcher themes in the market
protip: use 10FPS as the cpu setting, put on the Old Tyme Film Effect, and select the gray theme for a true old fashioned janky film experience! :)
None of our wallpapers require any permissions.
Another collaboration featuring the artwork of artist Cat Spencer.
Portions of this work are modifications based on work created and shared by Google ( and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License (
Please contact us with feedback or if you encounter any issues.

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Steampunk Droid Fear Lab LWPSteampunk Droid Fear Lab LWPSteampunk Droid Fear Lab LWPSteampunk Droid Fear Lab LWP

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