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Muzei Music Extension

Muzei Music Extension

Category: Personalization | Version: 1.0.5
Developer: SimpleCity | Size: 0.08MB | Updated:08-12
Requires Muzei Wallpaper application
A music extension for Muzei.
Muzei Music Extension displays album art for your music. When you play a song, the extension will look for the artwork on your device. If none is found, it will download it from
- Choose your favorite image to display when music isn't playing
- Option to only download artwork when Wi-Fi is connected
- Choose the desired resolution from (if you're worried about data usage)
**Not all music players are supported,** Some music players don't make it possible at all. Please don't leave a nasty review if your player isn't supported. Instead, send me a friendly e-mail to [email protected], and tell me which player you'd like supported.
* Pandora is supported on 4.4+, but requires notification access.
* Spotify is supported on 4.3+ but requires notification access.
* If your music player doesn't work, try going into the settings and enabling notification access. This will allow the app to read your lockscreen controls, to obtain the song information. (Android 4.4+ only)
Please note:
- If you do not have an internet connection, and the extension cannot find any artwork on your device, it will continue to display the most recently found artwork, unless you choose am image to display instead (see the settings menu)
- This extension will download with Wi-Fi off by default! You can set to download via Wi-Fi only by going to the Muzei Music Extension settings menu.
- The notification access permission has been added for Spotify support (the extension gets the track information from the Spotify status bar notification).
- Notification access is also required for Pandora support. Any player which has lockscreen controls is now supported in the extension, provided notification access has been granted, and the device is running Android 4.4+
- If your music player isn't working, try to find a setting for AVRCP / Bluetooth controls, and turn it on. This allows the app to send the required information about the song.

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Muzei Music ExtensionMuzei Music ExtensionMuzei Music Extension

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