Category: Personalization | Version: 1.0
Developer: Noloc | Size: 2.45MB | Updated:09-6
Customize your Android homescreen with a Nolóc wall!
What makes Nolóc walls different from the rest is that all photos were done via smartphone.
Shot with a smartphone, edited on a smartphone.
Here is a list of all Android Smartphones used for all shots
-Nexus 5
-Nexus 6
-OnePlus One
The idea behind Nóloc was to develop wallpapers from great real life photographic stills, that are just as great as the expensive point and shoot cameras!
Choose a Photo, and you can save it locally or set it as your Wallpaper in a flash.
Future walls will be added periodically which wont require any app update.
Future application updates will purely be cosmetic/under the hood maintenance to ensure great app fluidity.
Ted Bates aka "Tedpool" for the awesome app icon.
Hit him up on his Gplus page for all Graphic Design requests!
Noloc was developed by
Head Coach Anthony Kiniyalocts aka Liger
Quarterback James Holdren
They Def scored a Touchdown with Noloc!
These developers go above and beyond the call and will be beneficial for any Android app development.
Contact them for any Android App work needed for your app....or maybe an app you would like for them to develop!

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