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SlideUP Lollipop Launcher

SlideUP Lollipop Launcher

Category: Personalization | Version: 1.0.2
Developer: SideUp Dev | Size: 19.12MB | Updated:01-31
Though its idea is quite simple, SlideUP Launcher has a number of advantages over other Android launchers.
At first glance, the only difference between SlideUp Launcher and a common Android launcher is just a stripe with tile-icons on the bottom of the screen - the «Smart Tape». So it is, with one exception - those icons can not only be tapped on. By sliding up from the tile, you open a sub-menu with additional functionality or info: for example, recent shots for the camera tile, favorite contacts for the phone tile etc.
You have the most essential and commonly used functions at your fingertips. Make a call to your significant other, enable Wi-Fi, see the latest photos and weather for a week - it all becomes simple. You just swipe up the tile you need. You won't have to look for the appropriate app or muddle through settings - everything you need is on the «Smart Tape».
The launcher is perfectly suitable for one-handed operation, even on such huge devices like Samsung Galaxy Note. The «Smart Tape» is at the bottom of the screen, so you can reach everything you need with your thumb.
You are free to determine the functionality of your launcher with a collection of smart tiles for every taste. The Phone, Messages, Camera and Apps tiles are already built into the launcher, but feel free to add any tile you want - new ones can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store.

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SlideUP Lollipop LauncherSlideUP Lollipop LauncherSlideUP Lollipop LauncherSlideUP Lollipop Launcher

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