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MyOcean HD

MyOcean HD

Category: Personalization | Version: 1.2
Developer: Zodiac Live | Size: 2.9MB | Updated:10-20
Beautiful Live Wallpaper reminiscent of the summer, the sea, but not only ... Watch and admire the sailboats traveling on the read sea driven by the wind ... the white and white clouds and seagulls masters of the sky, all accompanied by a starry sky and a magic moon. Smooth animations. No Ads. Have Fun!
Features full version:
1) Change the type of paper as a background (number four possibilities)
2) Ability to change the star's number (number four possibilities)
3) Ability to add or remove the star
4) Keep the twinkling stars or fixed stars
5) Add details to the landscape as the mountains
6) Increase or decrease the contrast (funzionalià activated only with the type of paper. Step 1)
- Low contrast
- Contrast medium
- High Contrast
- No contrast
7) Enable or disable the transparency of the sea
8) Animated stars
9) Change the color of the sky
- Light gray
- Dark gray sky
- Celeste
- Blue
- Dark Blue
- Sunset
10) Scrolling effect
11) Updates
TO USE: Home-> Menu-> Wallpaper-> Live Wallpaper

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MyOcean HDMyOcean HDMyOcean HDMyOcean HDMyOcean HD

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