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Shift Swipe Launcher Preview

Shift Swipe Launcher Preview

Category: Personalization | Version: 0.91
Developer: David Koerver | Size: 1.43MB | Updated:12-17
The Shift Launcher uses all advantages of a mobile device, such as sensors and gestures to control the user behaviour.
This provides efficient control on the one hand and a simple, overseeable UI on the other.
Bored of static wallpaper? The Shift Launcher offers live wallpaper by categorization, provided by unsplash.com.
Furthermore, I want to note that I target a closer relation to the users, especially with regard to new features. If you have a cool idea feel free to post it, for example here: http://evoradev.com/2015/11/20/shift-launcher/
Here is a list of the most important features:
- Gesture Support for fast and extensive functionality
- Optimized one hand usage even on greater devices
- Shortcuts for device functions such as turning sound on and off
- Fast access to apps via favorite app folder
- Opening a configured Widget List to avoid horizontal page scrolling
- Live wallpaper powered by Unsplash
- Sensor usage for functions like opening the app menu by shaking the device
- 3 different Themes for Appearance Customizability
- English and German Language Support
This is a Preview. So there can be some bugs or important features you miss. Please be tolerant and desist from voting my app down. Planned features are listed here: http://evoradev.com/shift_launcher/planned-shift-launcher-features/
Because privacy and transparency is important for me, here is a list of the permissions my app requires and explanations why that is so: http://evoradev.com/shift_launcher/privacy-and-transparency/

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Shift Swipe Launcher PreviewShift Swipe Launcher PreviewShift Swipe Launcher PreviewShift Swipe Launcher Preview

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