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EarthViewer Beta

EarthViewer Beta

Category: Personalization | Version: 0.2.1-BETA
Developer: PDDStudio | Size: 3.71MB | Updated:12-21
EarthViewer Beta.
Showcase for earthview-android library and a wallpaper application together in one.
As because this collection contains more than +1500 Wallpapers, it's highly recommend that you're connected to a WiFi Network when browsing and/or downloading them!
Please note that this application is still in it's beta state, so there might/will be some bugs!
Don't hesitate to report them via Google+ " Hangouts " GitHub
What's coming with this Application?
→ +1500 Earth Wallpapers (All in 1800x1200 resolution)
→ A details screen for every Image, containing information like Region, Country, ...
→ Add your favorite places to the favorite section!
→ Instantly apply them as your Wallpaper without having to download it!
→ Download your favorite Wallpapers , you can even save them where you want
→ Want to know more information about an earth image and the details aren't enough? - One tap and you can explore the area where this photo was taken in your GMaps!
→ Android 6.0 ready of course!
And that's not all yet! I'm always up to hear new feature requests, feel free to send me a message or open an issue on GitHub
I'm a developer and would like to contribute!
→ Great! Contributions are always welcome! You can find the GitHub repository here:
Special Thanks
→ To the MaterialOS Team for allowing me to use one of their Icons as Icon for this application!
→ Wayne Kosimoto (original creator) for contributing the Icon to MaterialOS
→ Alex Lionne for assisting me during development!
This Application was created by Patrick J " PDDStudio from Scratch.
All third party libraries and collaborators can be found either on GitHub or inside the Application.
This Application and the earthview-android library are Licensed under Apache 2.0 License

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EarthViewer BetaEarthViewer BetaEarthViewer BetaEarthViewer BetaEarthViewer Beta

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