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Painter Mobile

Painter Mobile

Category: Photography | Version: 1.2.2
Developer: Corel | Size: 15.24MB | Updated:03-17
Free yourself from your studio with Painter Mobile for Android. Experience this incredible new art app on your Android device. Sketch and paint on the go and then import your work directly into Painter to add the professional finishing touches. Now you can take your art to the streets and find new inspiration anytime, anywhere with Painter Mobile.
* Access familiar tools, including: Paint, Eyedropper, Paint Bucket, Eraser and Crop
* Transform your work, with the ability to Scale, Rotate, Flip, Skew, Apply Perspective or Distort
* Take advantage of Horizontal, Vertical and Kaleidoscope symmetry
* Work with up to 15* layers
* Import photos from a gallery, camera or Google Images search
* Save as JPEG and send documents to Corel Painter on the desktop (Upgrade to Full and also save to PNG or PSD)
* Work quickly using two finger canvas rotation
* Map functions to hardware keys or common gestures (long press and double-tap)
* Use your finger to blend, navigate the canvas or select a color while you paint with your stylus
* Use brush sets designed for artists
* Work with a resolution of 1024 x 1024 or upgrade to Pro for 2048 x 2048 high definition*
* Use real-world art tools, including: Pencils, Chalks, Charcoals, Pens, Markers, Calligraphy, Paintbrushes and Watercolors
* Create unique effects with built-in Sprayers and Blenders
* Choose from 16 brushes or upgrade to Full and get 70+ Natural-Media(r) brushes
* Create and organize brush sets
* Fine-tune control with a multitude of brush settings
* Jitter nearly every attribute from brush size to brush color
* Blend and mix colors naturally with the Blender Brushes
* Experience life-like painting with pressure-sensitivity and stylus support
* Work with a non-obtrusive interface for optimal drawing space
* Optimized for the Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid and other stylus devices
*Not available on some devices
Thanks to Ivan McKinnon, Terri Cooper, Manuel Mendoza Reyes, Jeffrey Hebert, Emmanel Charon, Sathish B.R., Regina W, massimo, and Tiriasu for permitting us to use their amazing artwork.

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Painter MobilePainter MobilePainter MobilePainter MobilePainter Mobile

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