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Ultrapop - Art Color Filters

Ultrapop - Art Color Filters

Category: Photography | Version: 1.14
Developer: Platform Inc. | Size: 11.96MB | Updated:10-12
Reinvent your photo editing routine with stunning color filters!
Download Ultrapop if you:
*use photography to express your own unique vision of the world
*feel inspired by the 80s, vaporwave aesthetics and pop art
*like your selfies and portraits to cause buzz among your followers
*enjoy everything to do with graphic design
Find the most saturated and acid filters in Irrational, Surreal and Synthetic packs, enjoy striking color swirls with Psychic, impress your Instagram followers with effects from Energetic pack, explore the nature-inspired filters of Celestial collection, and discover subtle yet still a tad psychedelic effects in Organic. The best filters that have been around since Ultrapop first version are stored under Classique pack.
How it works:
*retrieve a picture from the gallery or take one within the app (use a built-in timer and front camera for self-shots);
*choose the filter that brings out that best in your photo
*tune the opacity level
*tap the tick sign to save changes
*go on adding effects (filters can be layered in any combination and amount)
*tap the tick sign to save the final result
*share your image with the world and with us by tagging it #ultrapopapp. We repost the most outstanding pictures!
Follow @ultrapopapp on Instagram and see Ultrapop filters in action! To report bugs, request features and suggest ideas use More > Chat with us

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Ultrapop - Art Color FiltersUltrapop - Art Color FiltersUltrapop - Art Color FiltersUltrapop - Art Color FiltersUltrapop - Art Color Filters

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