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Hipster Photo Stickers

Hipster Photo Stickers

Category: Photography | Version: 6.0
Developer: Palmera Labs | Size: 8.62MB | Updated:10-24
Hey you! What's up?
You've found something great, a way to make a hipster yourself or your friends in less than 2 minutes. This app will let you do that with these cool stickers.
Select a photo you have on your phone (or take one at the moment) and start putting some stickers to make it real cool, real hip
We have included the famous hipster stickers for you:
-Thick glasses and Sunglasses
-Beards, moustaches
-Buns, ties, necklaces, bow ties
-Hipster machinery: vintage camera, vinyl record players, ancient typewriter, old Bicycle, radios, tvs
-Text editor with font selector and color selector
-and some other stickers
As you see everything you need to make it look like a cool, alternative, non-conformist guy, in a matter of minutes. Or a beatnik, grunge o punk. You name it, but this bohemian character.
Surprise your friends and family with this hipster life maker really easy to use
How To use
1. Get inside the stickers app.
2. Select a picture from your gallery or take a picture with your camera in the moment
3. Check available stickers in the stickers gallery
4. Select a sticker and position it in the screen. You can magnify, zoom it and rotate until it gets placed in the right spot
5. Select more stickers and repeat until you are hip enough
6. You can also write some text, edit it. Select also font size and color and zoom it or rotate it
7. When you are good enough, save the picture in your phone. You can also send it to friends right there.
8. And that's it, you are cool enough, use it as many times as you want for free
# Easy to use. Easy interface and experience.
# For free, use it as many times as you want
# Variety of stickers
# Low space on your phone
# Load pictures or take them instantly with the app
Finally, Do you miss something? Just let us know and we'll update with the new stickers.
Any other request or comment? no problem, place a review or contact us and we'll check it out asap.
Have a great time with the app

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Hipster Photo StickersHipster Photo StickersHipster Photo StickersHipster Photo StickersHipster Photo StickersHipster Photo StickersHipster Photo Stickers

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