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Pixtory (Picture & Story App)

Pixtory (Picture & Story App)

Category: Photography | Version: 0.2.0
Developer: Pixtory | Size: 13.41MB | Updated:12-28
At Pixtory we are building a global community of storytellers who have interesting photo-stories to share. We handpick the best stories every day just for you. Discovering a secret under the Golden Gate Bridge at midnight. Stumbling upon an old lover's outfit. Finding accidental comfort with a stranger on a local train. Every picture is accompanied by a story. Vivid. Witty. Insightful. And deliciously precise. Its mental sushi for a new generation of story lovers who want to read meaningful content.
Why should you download Pixtory?
* Experience vivid pictures with interesting stories from all around the world.
* Enjoy high-res portrait images in full screen.
* Get free HD live wallpapers. Simply double tap on your home screen to change to another stunning wallpaper or touch the screen with two fingers to view the story behind the picture.
* Choose from several relevant categories: fiction, poetry, humour, travel, knowledge & insight, point of view, nature, culture, people, and relationships.
Can you personalize your Pixtory? Yes!
* Customize and share pixtories through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, and WhatsApp
* Receive three new stunning, live wallpapers every day, handpicked and curated by our editorial team
* Save your favourite Pixtories as a live wallpaper
* Liked a Pixtory? Personalize it for a friend by sending a postcard.
Have a story to share? Upload and find a fan base.
* Share your Pixtory and get published. Become an online writing phenomenon with your very own loyal fan base.

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Pixtory (Picture & Story App)Pixtory (Picture & Story App)Pixtory (Picture & Story App)Pixtory (Picture & Story App)Pixtory (Picture & Story App)Pixtory (Picture & Story App)Pixtory (Picture & Story App)Pixtory (Picture & Story App)

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