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Private Gallery

Private Gallery

Category: Photography | Version: 1.0.2
Developer: CodeCrafted | Size: 1.19MB | Updated:09-24
Want to show your friend a couple pictures but don't want to give them your whole camera roll in fear of potential awkwardness? Fear no more! Private Gallery allows you to make a selection of images you want your friend to see and nothing more. Available in any image sharing dialog for easy access.
If they do get curious and scroll past the images you wanted to share, they will be greeted by their own face which might result in a humorous reaction or two.
- Use your favorite gallery app to make a selection of images to show your friends.
- Panning/zooming as in any gallery app.
- Looks like a regular gallery app so there is minimal suspicion of the surprise at the end!
- Tiny size.
- Fired up in under a second.
- Tweet me at @CodeCrafted
- Email me with suggestions/bugs: [email protected]
Private images won't magically be protected by this app, so it is still your full responsibility to keep an eye on your friend. As a solution you could pin this app using the new app pinning feature introduced in Lollipop. This app merely acts as a party trick or a prank you can pull on your friends.

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Private GalleryPrivate GalleryPrivate GalleryPrivate GalleryPrivate Gallery

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