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Category: Photography | Version: 2.0.0
Developer: 网易( | Size: 10.97MB | Updated:02-2
LOFTCam - more professional mobile photo filter, and enjoy the fun of mobile phone photography
The new store grand photographer filter on the line! Are you still envy photographers repair a nice photo do you still think they are the color of reach it? Now only need a key to download photographer filters, you can photograph showing masterful effect!
· Professional photographers filter shops, the phone can repair a master of color!
· Carefully crafted specialty filters, high-quality photo effects appear instantly!
· Fast and simple mode of operation, so that photography becomes so simple!
Powerful photo editing features, comparable to a professional image-editing software for PC!
[Photographer] Filter Stores
Many photographers filter configured to adapt to different scenarios, in order to bring more choice, just one click to download, you can immediately have masters of color.
[High quality filter]
21 of the filter carefully crafted to bring you high quality photo effects. You can also adjust the filter strength, freedom to grasp the wonderful photos.
[Map] selected high efficiency
Automatically read and classify the phone album, so you get rid of the traditional pick operation inconvenience, return the easiest and quickest mode of operation.
[Edit] more professional
Photos provided LOFTCam for color temperature, saturation, contrast, vignetting and other professional editing tool that allows photos every detail perfect.
[One-touch sharing]
Anywhere with friends and family to share beautiful moments, support micro-channel, microblogging, easy to believe, LOFTER so on.
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