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Burst Mode Camera

Burst Mode Camera

Category: Photography | Version: 1.50
Developer: Wombatica | Size: 2.42MB | Updated:02-15
Now you can have a super-fast multi burst camera always with you and ready for action. It's very easy to use: just hold down the shutter button for a continuous stream of pictures. You can also repeatedly tap the button if you want fewer pictures. The speed depends on device and lighting, but it's typically around 30 pictures per second.
Burst mode is great for sports and nature photography, but also for everyday friends and family situations. You can get just the right pictures of your buddies, kids, pets or hobbies.
The camera uses continuous autofocus if your phone has it, otherwise use tap-to-focus. Good light is key for achieving high speed. Use the torch flash when needed. Shutter sound can be turned off for "stealth mode" operation. Pictures are saved into your photo gallery in the Burst Mode Camera album. Use your phone's Photos or Gallery app to handle the pictures.
Picture resolution is automatically optimized for high speed and reasonable quality suitable for web posts, messaging and making collages. This kind of speed is not possible using camera's highest resolutions.
You can remove ads with the Pro Upgrade in-app purchase. You also get front camera support and zoom when your device supports those features.

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Burst Mode CameraBurst Mode CameraBurst Mode Camera

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