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Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager

Category: Productivity | Version: 0.2.7
Developer: InBasic | Size: 3.32MB | Updated:05-9
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Turbo download manager aims to provide a solid download manager for non-stable INTERNET connections. It can be used to download files faster and more reliable. Download managers for desktop enviroments are very common but there doesnt seem to be a decent download manager for mobile platform. This project aims to bring a userfriendly yet reliable downloader to fill the gap.
1. Increases downloading speed (attainable speed depends on the number of segments and your network capability)
2. Allows you to continue broken downloads by introducing fresh links
3. Allows downloading from multiple sources
4. Extension-able and can be accessed from other applications
5. Open source and free
How does Turbo Download Manager work?
Instead of opening just one pipline to download files, Turbo Download Manager opens several pipelines and breaks the actual file into multiple segments. This way file fetching would be much faster and if one pipeline breaks, it is possible to resume the download.
Note that this project is still in active development stage, please report bugs to:
For more info about the download manager visit:

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Turbo Download ManagerTurbo Download Manager

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