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Category: Productivity | Version: 1.1.9
Developer: OKDOTHIS | Size: 22.30MB | Updated:08-3
OKDOTHIS is an innovative community of photographers who, every day, celebrate the role of creativity in the art of photography. The app is designed to get them out of the rut of taking the same picture over and over again by providing a DO - a specific idea of what subjects to shoot and what mood, topic, theme or attribute to highlight. OKDOTHIS encourages photographers to 'stretch' beyond their standard shooting styles. There are several categories of DOs, ranging from art & design, sports, work, life highlights, etc. Examples of some thought-provoking DOs include:
- Doors that you wish could talk
- Epitomize a city in one photograph
- Take a photo of a photo at the location the photo was taken
- Capture a part of your life that isn't glamorous... but make it look glamorous
- Change your perspective // Photograph a reflection and share it upside down
Photographers can simply browse, select a DO, and use their phone to take and post the photo on the spot. Alternatively, a photographer might want to plan a day of DOs - select a few on which to focus for the day, head out with a preferred digital camera, and shoot.

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