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Picture Calendar 2014 / 2015

Picture Calendar 2014 / 2015

Category: Productivity | Version: 3.1.4
Developer: Jürgen "Kashban" Wahlmann | Size: 7.72MB | Updated:03-30
Imagine your beloved receiving an email from you containing a wonderful and personal Photo Calender. With pictures of your kids, your pet, your art, your last vacation, or the last party you both were involved.
You are free to set colors, captions and the font of the picture wall calendar, and all of this will be exported and shared, so the recipient of your mail will see the calendar exactly as you did.
All you require is this app and a few minutes of your time.
When your Picture Calendar has been received, it's a matter of minutes again to download this app and import the calendar.
This works best on birthdays, holidays, or other special days like Christmas, Valentines Day or a Wedding Day, not restricted to those.
The Calendar marks Days with Appointments, if you select one or more Calendars to get them from.
Special free download: Calendars with Photos of the German Photographer Hans-Jürgen Werner:ürgen_Werner
More Calendars to download under
and it's sub pages.
Please do not reshare the Pictures in those calendars or variations of the calendars without referring to the source. Thanks!
*** Key Features ***
- NEW: Fully compatible to Android 5.0 Lollipop!
- Resembles a classic and modern Photo Wall Calendar
- Dynamic Widget size (from Android 4.1 on)
- Fully customizable in Pictures, Captions, Colors, Fonts, Transparency and Spiral binding
- Calendar export and import (only in single Picture Mode)
- Share Calendars through Google Drive or Android standard share functionality
- Rearrange and change Pictures and Captions anytime
- Highlight your Contacts' Birthdays, get notified of any birthdays today and jump directly to the contact
- Showing a Contact's Picture if currently having Birthday
- Share Pictures from the Wall Calendar to other Apps
- Shows any month of any year
*** Google+ Page ***
*** G+ Beta Community ***
*** Using Sony Xperia devices or Custom Launchers ***
If you experience Issues with the Widget Layout on your Device, try selecting a fixed Layout in the App Settings.
*** Permissions ***
- Read Calendar data: To mark Days on the WIdget you have Appointments or Events on.
- Read Contact data: read your Contact's birthdays and pick a contact for Google Drive sharing (opt in)
- "Full Internet Access" to load Ads and connect to Google Drive
- "Your Accounts (manage the Accounts List, use Authentication Credentials)" for G+ and Google Drive Access (opt in)
- "Storage (modify/delete SD Card contents)" to store Ads temporarely and Pictures loaded into the Calendar permanently
- "System Tools (prevent phone from sleeping)" to keep screen on during some operations
*** Anonymous Usage Statistics ***
This App gathers anonymous usage statistics through Google Analytics to find bugs and enhance future user experience. You can opt out by deactivating this option in the App's settings.
*** Frequently asked Questions ***
F: Why can't I find the Widget after installing the App?
A: This is a common problem on Android. To solve this, please restart your Homescreen launcher or your device. The Widget should then show up as expected.
F: Are Calendars shared from Google Drive always public?
A: No, it's up to you if the Calendars are shared in private, public with a need to know link or completely public. If you like you can share them with me too, I'd greatly appreciate it.
F: After updating the app and logging in the Drive files list is empty?
A: Please change the orientation of your device. The list should be shown correctly after the change.
If you encounter any Issues, Problems or Errors, please let me know through the E-Mail-Address given below.

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Picture Calendar 2014 / 2015Picture Calendar 2014 / 2015Picture Calendar 2014 / 2015Picture Calendar 2014 / 2015Picture Calendar 2014 / 2015

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