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Category: Productivity | Version: 2.7
Developer: Toadly Broodle Dev | Size: 3.41MB | Updated:11-12
"One list to rule them all!"
MinimaList is a simple, yet exceptionally powerful, list-making app for organizing your daily todo lists, notes, outlines, thoughts, reminders, etc. into orderly categories and sub-categories, lists and sub-lists. Easily create the perfect nested list structure to meet your individual organizational needs.
Minimalism is the philosophy of living as simply as possible. MinimaList is designed with this simplicity in mind and is the perfect tool to organize and maintain a minimalistic lifestyle. It's design closely adheres to minimalistic principles by removing all but the most essential elements that clutter up other list-making apps. By combining the most powerful organizational features right at your fingertips, Minima-List is specifically designed to improve user experience, ease of use, productivity, organization, and task management.
Simply tap bullet points to expand or collapse children entries. Tap 'plus' to create new sibling items. Tap 'check' to mark items complete. Shift parent entries, and children, around to create an ideal heirarchical stucture of sub-lists that perfectly conform to your individual lifestyle, organizational patterns, workflows, brainstorms, mind mapping...and everything else!
- expand/collapse children entries
- indent/outdent entries
- move entries up/down in lists
- mark entries as complete
- show/hide all completed entries
- fully customizable Material Design UI
- save/load recovery backup to local device
- undo previously deleted entries
- user stats: number of completed items
- support for RTL languages
Premium Features:
- unlock premium features with in-app purchase or by sharing MinimaList
- active data syncing between Android devices
- save/load recovery backup to external storage
Future Releases:
- passive data syncing between Android Windows 10 iOS devices
- export minimalist to .txt file
- password protect user data
- MinimaList homescreen widget
- set child sublist as temporary root, to hide heirarchy of parents
- search entries
- additional user statistics

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