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App On Tap

App On Tap

Category: Productivity | Version: 1.1
Developer: vwap | Size: 12.67KB | Updated:12-22
Replace "Google Now on Tap" Assistant with your own, which launches an app of your choice on long pressing the home button.. regardless of what app you are using.
To enable: Go to Settings->Apps->Settings Icon (on top right)->Default Apps->Assist & Voice input->Select ScreenOff
Possible uses -
- The Dialler - you are browsing facebook, quora etc and you suddenly have to make a call. Long press the home button without leaving your current app and start making those urgent calls.
- Dictionary apps - You are reading an ebook or just browsing twitter or facebook.. you suddenly come across that alien word. Long press the home button - search that word in the dictiionary - press the back button and you are back where you left off..
- Chat apps - send a quick message to someone and come back to your current app. Neat.
- This is NOT A LAUNCHER app. This works with your existing launcher.
- This app only works with Android version later than Marshmallow (Android 6.0+)
For queries or feature suggestions, shoot a mail at [email protected]

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