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Flow Calculator

Category: Productivity | Version: 1.4.1
Developer: Hashbrown Studio | Size: 1.26MB | Updated:12-28
Instead of a command-line type of interface in the classic calculators, Flow Calculator gives you a more intuitive way to express your formula, which are shown as diagrams, revealing the structure of your calculation, and all the intermediate results. Here you can freely drag the numbers and operations around, and interactively edit the formula. This graphic, flexible representation could help you to better understand a complex formula, and make changes a lot more conveniently. Try this innovative calculator and let the numbers flow with your mind!
Interactive interface: everything is draggable and selectable (with further options).
Supports scientific calculations, with operators +, -, *, /, square, inverse, square root, sin, cos, tan, exp, log, power, factorial.
Result can be shown as decimal or fraction.
In decimal form, a result's precision can be adjusted.

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Flow CalculatorFlow CalculatorFlow CalculatorFlow Calculator

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