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Focus Timer Reborn

Focus Timer Reborn

Category: Productivity | Version: 0.9.8
Developer: Tomas Hubalek | Size: 2.14MB | Updated:03-16
This Android application is work focus timer. It also contains statistics and performance analysis of your working log. Stay focused and use the Focus Timer Reborn for learning, work, and training sessions. Stop wasting your time on distractions instead of focusing on what really matters.
How to use this app?
- split work into working sessions and breaks
- work for configured amount of time (most common setting is 25 minutes for focused work and 5 minutes for short break) and focus exclusively on your task.
- after a few working sessions and short breaks take long break
- what is important: never finish your working session early nor pause it (application does not allow you pause session, it breaks rules of Pomodoro Technique(r))
- for more info you can also visit
Main features:
- allows to measure three types of work units (focused work session, short break, long break)
- length of those units is configurable
- there is working log where you can edit your stats (in case you recorded something by mistake or forgot to log some session)
- data are backed up in cloud (using Google Firebase technology) so you never lose you data
- application is free with no ads
Main benefits:
- improves time management because you spend less time with more productive work
Planned features:
- multiple color themes
- translation of the interface into main world languages (you can contribute with your translation at
Focus Timer Reborn is not affiliated with, associated with nor endorsed by the Pomodoro Technique(r) or Francesco Cirillo.
The Pomodoro Technique(r) and PomodoroTM are registered and filed trademarks by Francesco Cirillo

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Focus Timer RebornFocus Timer RebornFocus Timer RebornFocus Timer RebornFocus Timer RebornFocus Timer RebornFocus Timer RebornFocus Timer Reborn

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