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Category: Productivity | Version: 1.100.003
Developer: Softwind LAB | Size: 30.23MB | Updated:04-13
Pomodoro is a way of working and living for you to improve work efficiency and concentration, to help you master the recording time and develop habits, the world more than 200 + million users in use, quickly join them, with Pomodoro record you every Day planning , Start a new day with Pomodoro!
Pomodoro Time Type
* 25 minutes per tomato time
* 5 minutes between two tomato times to rest
* Tomato time and rest time can be customized
Add up Time Type
* The cumulative time for each use
* help you accomplish your goals
Countdown type
* Set the countdown time
* Remind after time is complete
* Record daily / weekly / monthly completion of those tasks
* Record the time spent per day / week / month to complete the task
* Record the start and end of each task
* Count the time ratio between each day , week , month , year , each task
* Count the time trend of each day , week , month , year , each task
White noise
* White noise playback
* Provides a variety of white noise options
* Custom mixed white noise
* Provides white noise mixing presets

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