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Handy Tasks

Handy Tasks

Category: Productivity | Version: 1.00.274
Developer: | Size: 6MB | Updated:05-4
Handy Tasks is a very simple task management application, designed to store it's data with Dropbox and Google DriveTM and easy access to it via text editor on PC.
Every task, created in application instantly appears in text file on your computer and vice versa - every line of text, added to todo.txt on your computer almost instantly appears in application. It's designed to complement direct todo.txt text file edititng on your desktop, but can be used standalone.
* Dropbox and Google Drive hosted text file to store tasks data
* Date and time based reminders
* Location proximity based reminders
* Task searching, rearranging and archiving
* Google now "note to self" voice command support
* Hashtags support (any text, starting with #) and search by tag text (long tap on tag in tasklist)

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Handy TasksHandy TasksHandy TasksHandy Tasks

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