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Call Your Mother

Call Your Mother

Category: Productivity | Version: 1.5.1
Developer: Joe Casson | Size: 2.55MB | Updated:05-11
Call Your Mother is a contact management and productivity tool, intelligently and automatically making sure you're keeping in touch with the people you care about the most.
How it works
Step 1. You select a contact in your phone and set a priority level on them (i.e. set Mom as a "High" priority contact)
Step 2. Call Your Mother scans through your calls logs and sent texts and looks at the time stamps
Step 3. If you are not meeting the benchmarks set in each priority, Call Your Mother sends you a notification reminding you to get in touch!
Example: If you haven't contacted your mom - tagged as a high priority - in 5 days, you will get a notification to get back in touch. But Call Your Mother won't notify you to contact your old college buddy - tagged as a low priority - because you just spoke a few weeks ago.
Possible Uses:
- Keeping in touch with friends and family.
- Maintain regular communication with important business contacts
- Eliminate "You never call!" from your mother's frequently used phrases.
- Add and remove priority levels on contacts
- Add, edit and remove priority level settings
- Reminders to contact friends and family
- Set when and how often you are reminded
- Quick access to relevant phone numbers and texts
Talk to us!
Something not working? Ideas for future features? Let's hear it! Leave a rating and description about what you love about the app. If not, email: [email protected]! We want to make the best app possible.
Thanks for installing Call Your Mother!

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Call Your MotherCall Your MotherCall Your MotherCall Your MotherCall Your Mother

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