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More Shortcuts

More Shortcuts

Category: Productivity | Version: 1.1.7
Developer: developed by ChYK | Size: 0.49MB | Updated:05-13
* The video is from an article of WonderHowTo:
Some features in this application are implemented by non-open (unofficial) API of Android framework.
This means that they are not guaranteed to work properly on all Android devices.
Please do not give less stars just because it does not work on your device.
You can create more shortcuts with this app.
Currently supported shortcuts:
- Activities - Hidden activities cannot be access in launchers
- Contents - Opennable content such as Video, Photo, Audio, Documents and so on.
- Flash - Turn on the flash (camera light) when you click the shortcut.
- Screen off and lock
- Internet URL
- Ringer mode: mute, vibrate, normal
- wifi/mobile data: on/off (not supported on Lollipop)
- Bluetooth: on/off
- Expand notification/settings panel
- Open recent apps
- Screen brightness
- Advanced
- and so on...

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More ShortcutsMore ShortcutsMore ShortcutsMore ShortcutsMore ShortcutsMore Shortcuts

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